6th class Information

Dear Parents,

I hope I find you all well after the summer. It was with great surprise when Ms Lohan informed me I was teaching the class again. I am excited about it. I have never taught a class twice before. I will do my best for them and I hope they are looking forward to 6th class.

This is just a brief note regarding rules, procedures and other points of information concerning 6th class. Please read this sheet along with your child as these points of information will be the foundations for effective learning this year.

1. Behaviour- In my class, I have 6 simple expectations:

  1. Put your hand up if you wish to speak. Everyone has the right to be listened to and heard.
  2. Put your hand up if you wish to leave your seat. In the interest of health and safety, no movement is allowed the room without permission of your teacher.
  3. When asked to, please work on your own. Do not distract others while working.
  4. Listen and carry out instructions from your teacher regarding school work always.
  5. Always try your best and always be proud of your best efforts.
  6. Respect everyone you meet. Everyone deserves to be treated with kindness.


2. Regular Procedures in the class- How will the class operate?

– Instructions on the board: Every morning there will be a set of instructions on the whiteboard. Please follow them and have all books, sheets ready by 9.30am. This will be expected.

– Getting the classes individual attention: I will have 2 calls: “Eyes on me after 3” and “My hand is up which means you stop and come back to me”. By the end of the call, I expect everyone’s attention.

– Sheets: All sheets given out by me are to be put in our small plastic folders. There are to be no sheets in journals, homework copies or at the bottom of bags.

-Lunch and break time: Please leave your table tidy with your chair pulled in.

– Taking down homework: 1. Take down homework exactly how it is on the board.   2. Pack  your bag with the books you need which will be listed on the board.   3. Tidy your box (books at the back and copies at the front). 4. Ensure your work area is tidy for our kind cleaner Ann.

– Leaving the room: Please leave your basket in the middle of the table and have your area (the floor included tidy). If you are ready, we will leave on the bell at 3pm.


3. School absence and communication

Please write all absent notes in your child’s journal at the back.

If you have queries,  please write in your child’s journal and I will respond by letter, e-mail or telephone. Due to personal circumstances and the currently safety guidelines, I cannot facilitate unarranged meetings before or after school.


4. Stationary

Please have the following in school each day:

  • Cartridge pen and spare inks
  • Red Pen
  • Pencil
  • Rubber
  • Sharpener
  • Ruler
  • Coloring Pencils or Markers


5. Homework- Setting homework can at times be challenging for teachers because the time it takes to be completed can vary from child to child. If your child is consistently taking longer than 60 minutes to complete their homework, please write me a note and we can discuss it further.

Each day, I will check and correct homework.

If your child is ever sick or unable to complete their homework for whatever reason, please write me a quick note.


I am really looking forward to teaching the children again and I look forward to seeing them soon.


Kind regards,


Mr Mulcahy